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As a retail establishment, it is important for you to be able to accept credit card payments from your customers. After all, customers today want to shop with the retail outlet that provides them with the most convenient options available. By offering POS terminals to your customers, you can greatly improve your relationship with your customers. Therefore, it is important for you to choose your POS terminal carefully so you can make certain it is of the highest quality possible.


One of the most reliable brands of POS terminals is Hypercome. Hypercome offers a number of different types of credit card processing terminals. The most popular of their options is the Optimum T4200 series, with the Optimum T4210 being the most basic and most affordable option.

Despite its low price, the terminals included in the Optimum T4200 series have a great deal to offer to the small business owner. For example, these models come with 24 MB of memory as well as an ARM9 processor. As a result, the terminal is capable of completing transactions in a timely manner. The T4200 models are also PCI PED approved, which means you can complete debit card transactions without needing an external PIN pad. In addition, the T4200 is able to accept chip card transactions if you purchase the EMV-approved reader.

Despite its slim design, the T4210 model offers several different settings. It also has a large memory capacity, which means it can grow with your business.


Verifone is also a popular brand when it comes to POS terminals, with the Tranz 330 system being one of the more popular models. This terminal is fast, yet does not cost a great deal of money. This makes the Tranz 330 a good option for restaurant and grocery store owners.

In addition to its high speed, the Tranz 330 allows you to add additional options as your needs change. For example, you can choose to add the optional PIN pad so you can accept debit card transactions. This model is also capable of supporting other POS applications, such as those associated with healthcare programs and government programs. The VeriFone P250 Printer can also be added to the system if desired.

The numbers and the letters on the VeriFone Tranz 330 system are easy-to-read, which makes it a favorite among many business owners. The terminal is also easy to use because it offers clear step-by-step prompts throughout the entire process. Not only does this make it easier for customers to use, it also helps decrease the number of chargebacks. The process of using the terminal can be further simplified with the help of keypad overlays, which allow merchants to customize the terminal to meet their specific needs.


Manufactured by Lipman, Nurit POS terminals are highly reliable and secure. One of the most popular models in this line is the NURIT 8320. This model can be used to process credit cards as well as debit cards. Nonetheless, the terminal is quite compact and easy to use. It is also very low cost to use and provides a high level of security for both merchants and their customers.

The NURIT 8320L also includes a number of attractive features that small business owners enjoy. For example, it offers an integrated thermal printer as well as a graphical back-lit LCD display, which makes the unit easy to read. Merchants can also choose to include a PIN pad or a smart card reader with the unit. The terminal also has the ability to provide multiple batch reporting capabilities. The unit is customizable and very versatile so business owners can change the unit to best suit their needs.